Ernest Chemist; Klagon

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In constructing their new ultra modern GMP Pharmceutical facility Ernest Chemists Limited, the leading pharmacuetical manufacturer company in Ghana, selected Atlantic as a partner for their HVAC installations. The HVAC system is to the highest standard in order to meet the GMP requirements of this facility. The installation includes over 80 Tons of pre-tested duct systems with components and materials chosen to meet the hygienic requirements of the facility as well as HEPA filters in numerous zones. Energy efficiency was a priorty with warm water provision being made using heat recovery from the chillers. High efficiency units were selected and also integrated with VFDs for all the AHU's as well as provision of VAV boxes to maintain the right temperature and pressure in critical areas. Atlantic Climate Control proposed and installed the Trane Sintesis RTAF Screw Air cooled Chiller with heat revovery at their new Pharma factory at Klagon, Accra. All equiment provided was BMS ready.