As part of our commitment to your complete satisfaction, our Service department made up of skilled professionals provides a full service package which includes installation maintenance and repairs of all Trane, Atlantic Breeze and other Brands. We strategically plan out our schedule to make time for each of our installed base. Our highly skilled personnel continuously innovate and implement the best servicing solutions to resolve troubled operation of the air conditioners which saves our clients on frequent breakdowns. If you need us to manage the Air conditioners in your building and to keep your budget on plan, we can offer you a Maintenance Agreement . Talk to us for a proactive, preventative service.


High oil quality ensures the longest life cycle for your compressor. Regular oil analysis helps reduce the risk of premature damage and can reduce the cost and frequency of oil changes. Thanks to Trane state of the art Laboratory, we can identify minor issues during oil analysis before it becomes a major problem. Lets sample your oil and give you feedback.


Following a prescribed engineering checklist to ensure all equipment functions meet operational parameters in a reliable and efficient manner. Certified Professional from Atlantic will ensure that your new equipment or system is properly started up and commissioned and operates at design parameters


Your building needs the HVAC systems to perform optimally without any downtime. The key to this is having a predictive maintenance. By planning ahead and addressing maintenance needs on a systematic, scheduled basis you can save significantly and virtually eliminate unplanned downtime. Atlantic Climate Control limited can help you define the service agreement best suited for your building’s needs.


From a precision crafted original Trane parts to generic part, whether you are looking for a compressor, controls, electrical supplies or accessories we can give you a competitive edge. Our professional team will be available to diagnose, repair and put back into action your system.


Enhance your equipment reliability and efficiency by reducing the temperature of the air entering into the coil of the system facilitating improvement of equipment reliability and efficiency. Adiabatic cooling system is designed for versatility, simple installation and economical operation


Whether its extra cooling needed during an extreme weather conditions or a short replacement following an emergency our rental services will provide a safe fast and cost effective solution to keep your temporary cooling needs covered so that the show can still go on.Rely on the temporary cooling solutions from a name you can trust. Our team of engineers and trusted service technicians will rapidly transform the equipment you need into a smoothly functioning system that will exceed your expectations.


The variable frequency drives can detect surge conditions and actively avoid them to provide solid chiller protection and energy savings. Most importantly for Trane customers, these variable frequency drives are designed for easy retrofit to allow existing chillers to have variable-speed compressor operation. Call our team of professional technicians to upgrade your HVAC systems so it operates at great efficiency

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